Imai Atsushi

Surreal scenes

showing a dreamed feminine world.

Like a fantasy,

evanescent colors surround

stories of sensual characters.

Line of Love and Love / 72.7 × 50 cm / Watercolor paper
water-painted panel, colored pencil

«My colored pencil works aim to capture a surreal representation on the theme of female sexuality and seduction. Alluring women are portrayed in intimate and imaginary moments.«

Imai Atsushi
Line of Love and Love #2 / 72.7 × 50 cm / Watercolor paper
water-painted panel, colored pencil

Imai Atsushi reveals

a poetic and delicate

visual reflection on seduction.

The eternal subject of the geisha is developed in his artwork

from a dual insight: modern and past traditions.

Contemporary ways to observe and be seen,

a desire to create a new perspective on Japanese Pop culture and traditional erotic art.

Pop art of saturated colors,

digital fantasy.

Imai Atsushi creates using the symbols of a whole culture that ful-filled our visual memory.

An imaginary intimate scenery

being spied with a glimpse,

remembering impossible situations.

Searching after an idealized erotism,

full of beatiful moments of evocation.

EN / 116.7×72.7 cm / colored pencil & Graphite pencil on Water paper panel

I also seek to depict urban European landscapes with my pencil drawings.
All my artworks try to capture different aspects of Japanese women culture: such as fashion, gestures and makeup.

About my urban scenes, though I’m drawing architectures that remind to European cities, what I’m really looking for is to reproduce an anime setting. Possible sceneries in which my characters would live their stories.

Imai Atsuhi

Imai Atsushi

could generate

a new tradition,

that will continue the line of the great Japanese nature artists.

His drawings are like human still natures,

made of Pop silhouettes

and framed in surrealistic postures.

A fresh re-start for the

timeless subject of Woman in arts.

Idol Character no.3 / Gimp, Adobe Photoshop / 2489 × 1712 pixel (300dpi)
Kimono Woman #2 / 25.7 × 36.4 cm / Watercolor paper water-painted panel,
colored pencil
Townscape of Colmar #2 / 41 x 27.3 cm / Watercolor paper
water-painted panel, pencil

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