Imai Atsushi’s painting «Line of love and love #2» is now being exhibited a the Virtual Fisart.

My colored pencil works aim to capture a surreal representation on the theme of female sexuality and seduction. Alluring women are portrayed at intimate and imaginary moments.

Fragments of a dreamed sketchbook

I also seek to depict urban European landscapes with my pencil drawings.
All my artworks try to capture different aspects of Japanese women culture: such as fashion, gestures and makeup.

About my urban scenes, though I’m drawing architectures that remind to European cities, what I’m really looking for is to reproduce an anime setting. Possible sceneries in which my characters would live their stories.

I worked as an illustrator since the age of 16, and I have always been interested for painting.

Nowadays I’m dedicated to fan art, character design and fantasy illustrations.

I have participated in different international art fairs and publications, showing around the world my particular insight about anime drawing style.


As artists, we live in strange and challenging times.

We find ourselves alone or accompanied by our loved ones, thinking of different and creative ways to communicate and show our artistic work.

However, online platforms allow us more than ever to connect with the world and express our creativity without limits.

The objective of this exhibition is: to establish a communication platform for the friends of Street Art.

It is a call for artists from around the world to exhibit together in an innovative project during this restrictive period.

We invite you to be part of a new experiment called «FISART VIRTUAL».

FISART is a street art event organized annually since 2011 by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Timisioara, Romania.

Dr..- Av. Corina Nani, professor at the Western University of Timisoara and Dr.-Ing. Sergio Morariu, President of the EnduRoMania Foundation are the representatives and organizers of this international street art festival.

In the 9 years of realization of FISART (2011 – 2019) with the enthusiasm, talent and participation of a large number of artists, we have had the opportunity to create a multitude of works of street art in Timisoara.

Furthermore, during this period we discovered and photographed in Timisoara a large number of predestined places for these artistic events in public space.

Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, we propose to artists to participate from their homes and virtually print one or more works of art on a large number of available walls located in cities in Europe and America.


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